C&O Historical Society Archives:

The C&O Historical Society’s archives consists of a collection of documents, files, publications, original and copy drawings, photographic images of all types, passes, timetables, annual reports, corporate records, and other artifacts and materials that pertain to the history of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway and its predecessors and successors, and railways and locale associated with the C&O.

The bulk of the collection was donated to the Society by Chessie System and CSX Corporation between 1982 and 1999. These are materials that were in the official files of the company that pertain to the former C&O and were no longer needed by CSX for current operations.

These collections consist primarily of photographs and original ink-on-linen drawings from the Chief Engineer’s Office and from the Chief Mechanical Officer’s Office, as well as the Office of the Signal Engineer, and Bridge Department. Additionally, a large collection of letter files pertaining to engineering projects carried on by C&O from about 1930 to about 1960 (but sometimes having earlier materials included), is included.

Conserving, indexing, and storing for retrieval of the archives is an ongoing task, and volunteers play a large role in the success of this project. If you are interested in the C&O Railway or history in general, volunteering for an archives work session is an ideal way for you to help your Society and delve deeper into the Railway’s history than you ever thought was possible. Contact Us for more information.

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