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Preserving the history of the C&O Railway:

The Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society is a non-profit corporation dedicated to interpreting the American Railway experience using C&O Railway's history through drawings, documents, and artifacts which the Society collects, preserves, and makes available to as broad an audience as possible.

The Society was organized in January 1969 with the first publication of a monthly newsletter, and in 1975 was incorporated as a non-profit eleemosynary organization within the meaning or subparagraph 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Society started as a volunteer operation with an initial aim of publishing a newsletter for people interested in C&O history. Its success led to a formal organization which collects archival materials, photos, etc. Even with becoming incorporated in 1975, the organization remained volunteer-based until 1987 when a building was purchased in Clifton Forge, Virginia, and a full-time archivist hired. The Society has grown steadily since then into its present configuration.

Primary Goal and Vision of the COHS:

To collect, conserve, restore, index, archive, and make available materials on the history of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway to as wide an audience as possible. To interpret the American railway experience through the Chesapeake & Ohio's historical experience, using data, photographs, drawings, publications, small artifacts, and full-size railroad rolling stock.

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This is believed to be one of the largest collections pertaining to the technological development of a single railroad institutionally held in the United States.